Pay What You Want private 1-on-1 session

Let's get together and discuss your business for an hour or two. All meetings are 100% confidential.

Topics may include:

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Freelance/Consulting
  • Starting a business
  • Running a business
  • Website Design Ideas
  • Marketing Ideas
  • Bounce ideas off each other
  • Anything else related running and growing a business.

You may be wondering why pay what you want? What's the catch?
No catch. The reason I do this is to help others. When I started my first business back in 2006, I had no clue what I was doing. Thankfully because of others who helped me along the way I was able to learn how to run and grow a business. I'm still learning to this day, and I've been self-employed for almost 12 years. Entrepreneurship is very exciting, but with the good, there are a lot of bad and ugly parts of it. I've been on top of the world, and I've also been on the bottom of a shoe. However, with these ups and downs, they taught me how to become a better entrepreneur and leader. I want to help others the same way others have helped me by providing experience and wisdom through life experiences.

Not everyone can afford a coach or a mentor, and I don't want someone not to have the chance to sit down with me to go through the issues they're facing with their business because they can't afford it. Throughout my years of being an entrepreneur, I have learned a lot of ways to help streamline business processes to work smarter and not harder.

The only thing we won't do together is work on your site, marketing, computer, etc. This is stickily for discussion and brainstorming. If you want my team or I to perform any work such as website design, changes, marketing, ongoing coaching we can discuss cost during or after the meeting.
How do Pay What You Want sessions work?
It's pretty simple. Fill out the form or text me and we'll set up a time together. After our meeting, if you feel the information I have provided helped you. Feel free to pay what you want. (Lunch or coffee works too!)
How much should I pay?
It’s entirely up to you! How much do you value our time together?
Will the amount I pay affect how we spend our time?
Nope, I don't even send the option to pay until after our meeting, and we're back at our home/offices. Regardless of the amount, I treat all of my clients equally.
What if I don’t want to pay anything?
You’re more than welcome to pay nothing. My goal is to meet you and help you grow.

Feel free to ask questions about PWYW via Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, or the form below.
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